Thursday, 29 November 2007

Ahhhh Christmas!

More work being done on horse quilt - I am actually enjoying machine quilting this one - simple, almost straight lines, a few triangles to navigate but I am loving the golden thread and the earthy burgandy colours, splashed with some skyblue and grass green. Just a sneak peak mind you, little eyes will see! I have my deadline, as we all do, and it will be done! (I think) Click on the pictures to get a true sense of the colours - thanks so much to Laural Burch.

Some obligatory Christmas shots: I made some garlands from upholstery samples for last year's School Christmas stall - they didn't sell, but I love them - soft colours of blues, creams and greens.

Some doorhangers made from felt and a little embroidery (my first go at it!) I pine for plum pudding all year round, especially my Mum's; she makes two at a time, we eat one, one year and she stores the second one for the year after - OMG, it makes it taste soooo good! This is Year 2 -I think I may not eat at all on Christmas Day, just so I can fit more pudding in!

My friend made the Santa Snacks Cone - this I adore and had to buy it off the stall, along with 'Rudolph's Carrots' - she is so clever!

I love my tree this year - lots of handmade goodies from myself and the girls - the store designed look is so not me - give me glitter and sequins stuck onto paper any day!

Edited: I was going to suggest to click on these pictures for a bigger view, but I did it myself and realised that no, I didn't want everyone looking so closely at my embroidery! So Don't!

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Elizabeth said...

I love your upholstery sample garland. Very clever!