Tuesday, 13 November 2007

a little bit of country

'I've gone a bit country since I met you baby
I used to be so rock 'n' roll'
Banjo and Violin by The Audreys

Sorry to any others who are not blessed with living in the most wonderful country called Aussieland, but I have to write a post on the most facinating series on t.v. at the moment:
Rain Shadow, Sundays ABC at 8.30pm. Click here for the trailer.

Click here for character pictures

What a stunner of show - the mesmerising soundtrack of The Audreys (Way Cool group that I absolutely adore) opens to visions of dry, cracked earth and the characters who make their living by this dry cracked earth.

The characters are so real, masked, genuine, complicated, giving, shutoff, generous, hidden......

Hubbie and I have been watching it religiously every week (next Sunday is the finale) and when its short hour of viewing is over, we just sit still, trying to breathe, and tell each other that that was too quick, we need more, we will get some more next week.

The Audreys -'four lads and one lass from South Australia'; get their album now! It won an ARIA for Best Blues and Roots Album in 2006 - I am so damm hooked on it; the haunting sounds of violin, banjo, guitar and the sweetest voice. It lulls me; just listen, listen.

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