Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I need some Colour Consultancy

Can anyone please help?
I am in the process of picking fabric for a quilt (for my mum) and she has chosen Kaffe Fassett collection of brights

(I don't know why the first sentence is as it is - can't undo, I'll keep going)

and I am choosing an easy pattern of 'split 9-patch'

My quandary is that the pattern asks for a 'neutral' fabric for the pinwheel pattern, which is fairly dominant and I have no idea what to choose. (By the way, Mum wants me pick what I think is best - greeeaaaat!)

I bought a creamy self-patterned colour as a neutral but it seems to stand out too much and reading through Kaffe's books, his quilts do not use white/cream, especially in his bright ones.

I am scared to just add a block colour as I don't want this to stand out either against all of the pattern. I have bought 3 fabrics so far, but one is too muted, other too strongly patterned and maybe too dark

What to do???


Tamara said...

I can't claim to be an expert at many things, but colour I can. I would choose either a deep clean orange or a deep yellowey green. The colour needs a bit of depth so that it doesn't compete with the brights but it must be a clean, not dusty or muted colour. I would definately stay away from white and creams. Any pattern should be very subtle and small. Hope this helps.

Lara said...

Hi Bron,
I love those fabrics! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - because now I have found yours! It's great (and I think we've got quite a bit in common). I'll be checking your blog regularly!
By the way, I reckon green as well!
Lara (thornberry)

Lara said...

Hi again Bron,
I bought Interweave Crochet from my local newsagency, so if you have one nearby with a good craft selection, they might carry it. I have subscribed since then! You can buy back issues online as well.