Monday, 26 November 2007

MIA and Mi

My DQS2 doll quilt is MIA; no word from swap partner at all; I am just a little disappointed! Did she not get it at all - why wouldn't you say something? Did she get it and just forget niceities, such as 'thanks'? Emails were sent, but no reply. Sometimes I feel so cross.about.the.whole.thing, then sometimes I say, oh well, ce la vie! Maybe someone has it right now laying across their favourite dolly, comforting and warm. I hope so, I really do. The DQS people seem to have gone into hiding; I hope the whole ordeal has not sent them into rehab.

On more cheery note, I won......Mi's little Chrissie stocking...I almost clapped my hands in glee, okay, I did actually clap my hands (hubbie can testify) and to say thank you to Ophelia for drawing out my name, I would love to send her something back, especially as it is going from Australia all the way to Canada. Oh the pressure - something little, Christmasy?, handmade (of course), my mind has gone blank (that is, more blank than usual).

Think Bronwyn, then just do it! Stop typing now and get up off your b...m!


Donna said...

What a shame. I hope you hear something soon. The quilt was lovely and I love the post along with it. A lot of anxiety I can tell.

Donna said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Thanks for the post re the pleated log cabin. I'm still plugging away at it and I will take some pics when I do the next block. Cheers

Louise said...

I know exactly how you feel as my partner for the Four Seasons swap hasn't acknowledged mine either and I know she received it. It's awful, especially when you know that someone else would have really enjoyed it - like me!!!

Supermom said...

I'm sorry!...the swap mamas should have been on top of this (I know I would have been in my swap.