Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Binding video

Thank you Bangor for the tip for binding quilts (your Blogger profile doesn't allow me access to your blog, so I am thanking you here)

I viewed: www.allpeoplequilt.com/video/howtovideos.html
and clicked on the video for Binding for a No-show seam, in the How-To screens. Unfortunately my computer's speakers are not working for this sort of video, but, I could understand it quite clearly anyway. I will go over it again (hubbie is working on the sound issue), but it seems to be just like joining the seams when you make the initial binding strip - could it really be that easy? Have I been making mountains out of molehills? Gee, visual cues make such a difference for me - can anyone interpret what that means for my brain?

I love the presenter's 'bowl cut' hair (it reminds me of a geography teacher in High School who always wore her hair this way and had a funny lisp, so, poor thing, was always snickered at - gee, teenagers can be cruel)


Jodie said...

See... you can learn everything off the internet. The kids at school tell me that all the time !

Bangor said...

I'm really glad that it helped you. I wrote up my own instructions once I had viewed the video about a thousand times. Once you've watched it and understand it, maybe this will help as a reminder (of course, I wrote it just for myself, so maybe it only makes sense to me--yes, I actually say "duh" to myself):


• Take the side that you started with and make a “tail” about 8 inches from the start of the sewing (more space can be left if desired)
• Lay ruler right underneath this strip (line it up with the strip)
• Take second strip and lay it flat so that it overlaps the first strip, then fold it back over itself with the crease of the fold butting up against the raw edge of the first strip
• Cut the second strip the same distance from the crease as the fabric is wide (for 2.5” binding cut back 2.5 inches)
• Open up left strip with right side up (open AWAY from you)
• Open up the right strip with right side down (open toward you by just folding down the bottom half of it—duh)
• Place right sides together at a 90 degree angle and pin in place
• Sew diagonally from the left point to the hidden point on the right side
• Trim and finish sewing to quilt top, batting, and backing

Annie said...

My brain works like that too, I have to SEE things rather than read them or hear them. I am a landmark girl when it comes to going places!

Amelia said...

hi bronwyn, slightly off topic - thanks for your comment on i op therefore I am. are you interested in joining?
regards, Amelia

Amelia said...

lovely - could you pls send me an email (rather than comment) so that i can send you an invitation?
regards, Amelia

samantha said...

Hi Bronwyn, I too have to see things to learn - words just get all muddled in my brain and the messages to my hands become a game of chinese whispers! I will have to view the video now, if just to see the haircut.