Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Creases and Fuzzies

Have you ever tried to watch a movie with subtitles while doing the ironing?

I have and it was quite an experience! No I did not burn myself, but I did add quite a few creases into hubbie's shirts, which made the whole process longer than necessary.

Amelie is truly lovely; quirky, funny, insightful, interesting and unexpected. I have seen it many times so to do the ironing while not exactly knowing what the actors are saying was compensated by the very French accordian music and the lyrical sounds of the language.

Oh I wish I looked like Audrey Tautou; I love her little polka-dot dress and little cotton cardi; her bob hair-cut - out and all flicky, then tamed with little clips.

I did promise to blog about my list of crafty things to do:

Sorting through my local op-shop I found heaps of old fur (real or not - don't know) collars - they are transforming into little fuzzy creatures for the school fair craft stall.

Love the safety eyes - have to get more huge ones! I want to give them names and a character blurb - I think that makes them more adorable. For eg. This is Gertrude; she loves hair product and lolly snakes and she would love to compete for the Guiness Book of Records for the longest time of not blinking.

This is a picture of my Funky Monkey quilt, hanging now on the rail, to remind me to baste it and then quilt it and then bind it and then finish it! Procrastinator, that's me.

Edit: I say procrastinator because the dang quilt has been hanging there (under other quilt tops) for nearly a year!


Jodie said...

Have to agree Bron , the little stories really give them character- love the big eyes!

Cathy said...

gotta love Amelie - I have the same problem - I can't sew and watch that film.

your little animals are so cute and so is your quilt!

Tamara said...

Oh, that is one of my biggest problems. I do a component of my bow making whilst sitting down - perfect time to watch television. Um, yeah, except my favourite movies are the foriegn types with subtitles. I need my own translator service.
Quilt looks great.

Annie said...

Love the funky monkey quilt and that little creature is very funny. Keep going with your list