Monday, 21 January 2008

Oh No, More Kaffe

I have found this most delicious material from Glorious Color - Kaffe Fassett's 'official' fabric website: this is Lotus Leaf Pastel. I love the muted icing tones and am thinking of using it as a basis for maybe a Snowball Quilt - a stalwart pattern for Kaffe. He has made gorgeously rich ones, but I think I will go for a icy theme; pale pale blues, mauves, pinks, stone as the snowballs and maybe either a palest vanilla, or pick a favourite colour for the snowball corners.

I have realised that when looking online for material, particularly if you want a certain colour, look on ebay and online shops to see what's there, but most importantly, go to the designer's website for the proper name of the style. This fabric is called Pastel, but I have found many other sites with the wrong naming of 'Pastel' for his other Lotus fabric; it may have pastel colours but is not its true name!

My head is spinning - I have a Funky Monkey quilt to baste and quilt and bind before School Fair in March; various crafty project for Craft Stall such as furry creatures made from fur collars from op-shop, tissue travellers, totes, patchwork cushions etc; I have cut out pattern pieces for a shirt, other Kaffe quilt pieces, ironing board cover to make, kids' twirly skirts on request and the list continues; do I really need another project?


(I will post about my list things at some point! Promise)
(Maybe after I start my Snowball)


Donna said...

You can never have tooooo much Kaffe!!

Annie said...

Busy Girl ... just the way I like it!
The poor flowers in my last post were from my mother's sizzled garden. It was very sad to see - the black one was a red rose too hot!