Friday, 18 January 2008

Pippi Longstocking

Discovered (thanks Whizzme) that Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren has been reproduced with Lauren Child as illustrator - Yes! Yes! and Yes! I love this Swedish article (posted by Whizzme) titled 'Swedish rebel and feminist rolemodel' - I knew I liked Pippi for a reason! (Although never really thought of her as a feminist as such; but she was and is always the epitome of girlpower; free, strong, funloving, adventuous, kind and cheeky. She does rebel against the didactic authorities of how a child should behave, especially a girl child! Why not encourage our girl children to be strong and wild? My favourite part of her was that she could carry her horse; strange way to get around, but the idea of reversed roles has always stuck in my head.

I have loved Lauren Child for ages: we love Charlie and Lola's book: 'I will not ever Never eat a Tomato'; moonsquirters are de riguer in our house and also 'That Pesky Rat' and 'Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Book' are absolute favourites! I love her collage look of combining photo/drawing/font and the postmodernistic way of taking formal elements of a book; text, picture, and page and turning them literally upside-down, inside-out and round and round!

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Lara said...

Thanks Bron! Would you believe that I've never read Pippi Longstocking (and I am a feminist) - so I'd better get a copy. We love Charlie & Lola too.

Louise said...

I bought it for my daughter Chloe as a finishing Grade 2 present and we both LOVED it! I'd never read it before - she's a cool girl for sure! Have you read Lauren Child's version of Princess and the Pea? It is stunning to look at - particularly if you are a fabric lover!