Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A few little wierd things

Kellie from Don't Look Now tagged me!
7 wierd and wonderful things about myself.
1. Spiders seem to like me, that is, want to be near me, often. I have had spiders on my pillow, just as I am laying contently back to dream away, husband says in a frightening, but calm tone: Bron. move. away. slowly. The things fall down from the ceiling on or near me - what is that! Lucky I am not too squeamish with them, but the "Surprise, I'm here" is getting tiresome.

2. I have been fortunate to have two very easy deliveries of my two girls. I look back and think; Nup, didn't hurt much, in fact, I kind of enjoyed them. Hubbie says that I was 'In The Zone'. I think that I ran on endorphins for most of my labours, and didn't need any pain relief, except for having baths and showers. I was home the next day for my second. I know there are those out there, who had truly awful experiences, so I just usually keep my mouth shut, when it comes to sharing time. But I opened it today!

3. Confession time: When we had two house painters painting the inside and outside of our home, I didn't ever make them a cup of coffee! They were here for months! I feel so guilty. I did offer for them, at the start, to come and make their own in the kitchen, but I think they felt out of place and eventually I came to resent them always being here. I am such a bad woman.

4. My name 'Bronwyn' means 'white brea*t' in Welsh; can you imagine the shame as a teenager learning this fact!

5. I am a bit stumped on this one - I'll come back later.

6. I don't like brown and I don't like black, especially the two put together. I also don't like orange. I often have issues with green.

7. I am partially colour-blind; this means that I have troubles sometimes with blues and greens. I did the official test, when I was working at a printing factory, and found out then. I couldn't see the number in the dots!! It is most unusual for a girl to have the gene (my Dad has it also). Does this explain No. 6?

(I have just 'copy and paste' the rules thing from Kellie....that's not wrong is it? I just too lazy to type it all out, and actually by the time I finish typing this sentence I probably could have type it out myself:

The last thing I have to do is list The Rules;

1. Link back the the person who tagged you

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I am tagging Donna, Little Mysteries, another Donna, Tamara, and that'll do. If you want to play along too, just do it! A little bit of wierdness all around is healthy, methinks.


Jodie said...

You don't sound too weird bron, althought the spider attractions is a little freaky......

Kellie said...

OK Bronwyn I would have topped myself by now if I attracted spiders like you! I agree about child birth but I did the whole "zip-lock tummy" thing - never felt a thing! Remind me to bring a thermos if I ever drop by your house! And man you must hate my quilts, because I just have to put some black and white in most everything I do :( . Opposites attract they say!

Tamara said...

Oh I see my name on the bottom. I am hopeless at those things but I will try to remember.

I can fully understand your thing about labour, I had wonderful, easy labours too (don't remember much pain either) My mum was the same and always said she actually enjoyed labour. I never understood that until I experienced my own. Yeah, most people think we are weird, so I don't talk about it much either.