Monday, 17 March 2008

It was Hot Hot Hot

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for our humungous School Fair. This is how it went:

It was so hot (39oC)

I had gastro in the morning

One daughter got heat stroke and had very handsome St John's Ambulance guys doting over her.

The other burned the soles of her feet dancing on a stage (and cried throughout the dance, until some bright spark turned off the music, and let her stop!) She was such a trooper, and felt bad for her partner that she had ruined their dance, but we all told her that such bravery will never be seen again!)

Forgot my camera

But, I think my FuzWuzez were a hit! Not sure what else sold yet but stock perfect leftover for mid-year sale or Christmas stall pressie. (the craft stall is not my stall; I am in charge of 'Tattoos and Beauty' (which means get your hair sprayed lurid colours, nails painted and temporary tatts!)

I couldn't resist this little guy - the ears kill me! Knitted toys appeal to me so much and this one will sit on my desk, so I can talk to him and he will just listen.
My parents inlaw gave us a present of a beautiful Buka Basket, from their time in Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. My hubbie had such a wonderfully rich part of his childhood there; such an exotic place, until the war got too serious,when threats on their life drove them home quick smart. He often looks back with great fondness and wonders if the island will ever recapture the tranquility and 'magic' it once held.

I just found another site that describes Bougainville as still in disrepair, and is not to be called a Province (as per first link of official PNG tourism!). Fiercely independent still, though the connection to and reliance on PNG is inevitable. Hubbie would love to take us there one day, but the dangers override any romantic notion of having a 'perfect family holiday'. He tells me so many interesting stories about his life there; we both are flabbergasted at the 'relaxed parenting' that occurred; we would Never let our kids do what he and his brother could and would do!
Sign of the Times.


crafty things said...

Commiserations on the heat and other things sent to plague you. Love the knitted toy - the ears look just right for listening when all others turn theirs off.

Anonymous said...

I just sat at the computer wondering how the school fair went and yay, there was your post! Sorry to hear all the ghastly bits! Your poor things! Your daughter's feet, oh no! I love the knitted toy too. And congrats on making so many things to sell - and for taking on tatoos and beauty!

Jodie said...

Too hot for a coherent comment but glad you survived the fair!