Tuesday, 11 March 2008

This is......looking out

This is my first "This is .... looking out of my front door." The rollcall is getting long - which is fantastic - really diverse and interesting!

I was telling Lara that we want to get rid of the front lawn, albeit front weed patch to reduce water consumption; maybe white pebble to match the fence, maybe Dromana Sand! That would be very close to the colour of my weatherboard house. Any ideas?

Love my old red brick path and love my curved top fence posts! Love character in a house; give me character over modern box-style any day of the week!

Can you see my letterbox? Hubbie put a clear perspex door on it so we see from the house if we have any letters. Brilliant, Yes?!

Straight in front is a patch of agapanthus - when we bought the house 9 years ago this bed flowered wonderfully and has gone downhill from then on. We chopped a lot out and thinned the plants for more flowers, but, still a bit pathetic, and something continually eats the leaves. I don't know how many boxes of snail pellets we have put down over how many years! but 'they' keep eating!

I love my Golden Ash tree in the front yard, it is starting to drop its leaves now that Autumn is here (or maybe still Summer with 37oC heat!)
Here are some pictures of it with a beautiful Melbourne Autumn day, taken from my second-storey windows. Golden!


Kellie said...

THis is my second try at a comment so hope it works ... please leave your lawn ... I cant imagine a little waetherboard home with out one. Lone day we will get consistent & good rain again and our lawns will thrive as will our gardens ... and we can go back to bitching about how sick of the rain we are again ... one day!

Kellie said...

that time it worked and I never checked my spelling ...sorry!

Donna said...

Your golden ash is gorgeous. I planted one 2 years ago and it's still only a wee baby. They are such a magnificent tree. I also planted a claret ash nearby that has grown twice as fast. I wonder why?