Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Some little boxes

Thanks to a tutorial by Three Bears of a boxy pouch, I made these:

first one was as tutorial; but too flimsy (I do like the froggys though)

next one was lined with fabric stiffened with Vilsofix ie inside stuck to outside. I made the corners smaller 2 inches wide instead of 3 inches as in tute.

So love this Laurel Burch fabric!

Thing is, I don't think I have ever sewn in a zip before, so I collected them, but too scaredy-cat to do anything- but I bit the bullet and didn't feel a thing.

I think my pile of thrifted zips is going to shrink.

Thanks also for friends' advice and encouragement for sewing chenille - it makes me happy when the computer tells me I have a comment - I may have lots of lurkers, but never many comments, sob, sob - the connection is important to me, so thanks once more, you guys.

One big hug to you all!


Jodie said...

Great bags Bron. I was terrified of zippers for years!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I love the monkey's quilt from your last post! You've done a great job of the zippered pouches. Zips are great - and now you're in the groove!

Little Miss Flossy said...

Great little pouches, I've made a whole pile of them from the same tute, just much larger, for pecil cases. It's the easiest pattern.

crafty things said...

I too am a little afraid of zippers. i have snapped the odd needle on my sewing machine going over the zip when I shouldn't have been. I like your choice of fabric.

Gina said...

Gorgeous bags! Just found your blog via avid crafter/crafty bits.. you have some lovely creations here.

Great name for your blog and your doggie is SO cute! :O)

Kellie said...

Bronwyn fantastic pouches! I hate zips so good for you! Love the fabric ... but what no embroidery? Only kidding! Please stop by my place as I have tagged you. I hope this helps with your longing for comments ... I too love to see numbers other than 0 :( .

Maureen said...

Gosh...I had no idea there was Laurel Burch fabric. I have loved her jewelry for years. An apron would be as far as I can go though... I did my stint with zippers 30?40? yrs ago. :-p