Monday, 31 March 2008

Pictures colour galore!

I celebrated my birthday over Easter (way back then!) - now I am no longer mid-30's, not late 30's though, but on the cusp (so to speak)! Family went to a beer garden in the hills - great weather, view, food, good day!

Some loveeeeely pressies! How did they know???? (Wishlist from told them, that's how!)

A visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens; Melbourne's official 'Australia Gardens'; just a snippet of what we saw:

Criss-crosses took our eye:
Favourite shot - can you see the bee's bum in the banksia?
Eucalyptus green with stunning slim red branches

Lone raven on a magnificent iron sculpture - love the strut.

Scary lizard
Native hibiscus with a carpet of mussel shells
The Red Earth Centre

Loved this poem:
Banksia 'Birthday Candles'
Leap of joy!
An Eastern Spinebill - gorgeous!

Some cooking by the kids: Apple Tarts (great for using up rather old pastry from freezer), some Granny Smith apples, an apple peeler/corer/twirler (best invention!), some demerra sugar and voila!
If you are still with me, hang in there, more is coming......

Actual physical progress made on my Kaffe quilt: I was so nervous about the orange and had never really liked it, BUT, adding the cornerstones and laying some out on the floor, totally changed my mind. I couldn't believe it! the orange receeded as the blues, greens, purples and magentas sprung to life; this could be the start of something good?

I like to lay my work down on the carpet, in the walkway (it's the closest bit of space to my sewing machine); wo behold anyone who steps on it though, even the dog steps around it!

I have been slack with any craftyness, bloggyness; but I do believe that I am coming up soon to my 100th post; stay tuned; pressies are coming!

Edit: I just looked in Blogger and I have five more to do: I promise it won't be painful.


Tamara said...

Happy Birthday Bron.Looks like you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I have been very slack & inattentive, sorry! I hope you had a lovely birthday!

Gina said...

The Australian gardens look incredible.. will be looking them up when we go to Vic later this month. Happy birthday from someone on the cusp of 40 (aaagh) :O)

AJ said...

I've tried to train my cat to step around mine when they are on the floor....but she won't!!! and neither will DH!!!

Lovely quilt by the're right the orange doesn't seem like it is even there!!