Sunday, 2 March 2008

To Market, To Market....

No Fat Pigs were bought, but.....
We all went to the Camberwell Market today; very popular trash and treasure market and lo and behold, more chenille! Oh yes! More to add to the rising stack.

Colour of the pink one is a little too 'lolly' pink in photo; it's more of a musk. The white one was rust stained and a little torn; perfect for cutting up and so, instead of $15 each, I got them 2 for $20. I have to control the tremor in my voice when I bargain; I am always so nervous; can they see that? Probably. They must take pity on me, or otherwise, are sick of being there since 5.30am and not selling stuff?I found the most terrific stall selling Irish linen thread, embroideries, and so many buttons!

A toaster cover (above and below)
Some sweet rose buttons and more embroidery
My absolute favourite piece: at $2 - what a bargain!
I had to stop myself as I only had $10 and then had to borrow $3 from my 10 year old. She was most generous! I'll be back.
I nearly cried when I found this little gem (with tag still attached) at MECWA op-shop in Malvern for........

The colours are perfect in my 'sari pink' bathroom.

Of course, it will NEVER. GET. USED. (are you listening, family?)
And Yes, family, it is going to hang on the hook, just to look pretty.

'The Monkeys' is finished! Wahoooooooo!

This delicious vanilla chenille below is going to become the back for my Snowball Quilt and in an epiphany, the pink chenille will be the corners of the Snowball, so I will have snuggly stuff on both sides.
Sewing chenille to cotton is okay, is it not? Can someone please tell me if there will be a problem. Ta!
Last of all today, is some bunting for the School Fair. I call this 'Celebrate in the Garden' bunting.


Annie said...

At every photo I ooooed and ahhhhed with this post Bronwyn. I used to love going to the Camberwell Market when I lived in Melbourne. You found some treasures. I LOVE that white cheneille. I'm sure sewing to cotton is fine.

Jodie said...

Hi bron, Chenille to cotton is fine!! Just make sure it is all prewashed etc for shrinkage.
Chenille to chenille esp. on a quilt with batting as well can be a bit thick but not impossible.
Great finds by the way!

Cathy said...

gotta love MECWA in Malvern. Have found some fantastic treasures over the years! Love Camberwell Market too, just never get there enough.

Anonymous said...

ooo ooo ooo - all such good finds especially that embroidery - sigh! I'm hoping to collect some vintage embroidery to make some little girls dresses out of at some stage - can't yet bear to cut into the ones my nanna embroidered!