Thursday, 15 May 2008


Great score at my local op-shop - calenders for 50c each! It's not toooo late for a 2008 calender, is it?

Gorgeous Steve Parish photos - so iconic! D2 has been asking for a calender for months now, but it never seemed to happen. We don't really need so many, but I couldn't resist the pictures.

I truly love design in nature - to me, it is a constant reminder of life being 'designed', planned, created, not happening 'by chance'.

Hubbie and I (though mainly him) are avid bird spotters - 'twitchers' I've been told. Hubbie has much better eye-sight than me and can spot a colour behind their ear, to identify them! I'm just happy to know that they are there.

White-winged fairy wren - is that colour for real?

Eastern Rosella - we often seem them in the suburbs.

Superb Fairy-wrens - my favourite!!

Oh, and check out the most fabulous creatures called American Saddlebred horses, on Julie's site - I have asked her so many questions because I find them fascinating!


crafty things said...

Love the designs in nature calendar. What a great find.

Lisa said...

Great score! I love Steve Parish images.