Thursday, 22 May 2008


Miniature Booty Quilt Swap is on its way!! I called it 'Forest'. Hubbie said he was really proud of me and wanted me to make it again, for us.

Still keeping secret until my swapee has it in her hands.

I am really happy with it - I tried new things for this one:-

My own design - yay! Kind of arty - yay!

Perle thread handquilting - not yay at first,
but ripped it out, told myself I can do better than that,
and stuck with it! - yay!

Can't wait for mine, but I can never wait patiently about anything - especially presents.

Another miniature package arrived today - from Pinks & Needles -so damm cute! Gigi has put so much effort into her goods and packaging and presentation and little gifties, that she deserves a big hug!

I have a specific job for these two. (Do they remind you of anyone?)

I want the whole shop!

Thanks to Simon for emailing me back about his love for sewing and for becoming part of a community of sewers, artists, fabric fondlers.....

Gina also has a husband who makes their curtains...

Who else knows a bloke who likes to get his hands roughened on needles and thread?


Tamara said...

The cards are adorable and well done on your quilt.

I don't know any crafty men but when I was working at Patons I did get lots of stories about women who were taught to knit from their fathers. Apparently it was quite common for Scottish/Irish seamen to pass the time at sea by knitting themselves garments.

Serena said...

Hooray!!! YAY, my Booty quilt arrived today, yep, that gorgeous quilt is MINE !!! I love it Bronwyn! I love the colour tones; soft browns, duck egg blues, soft purples.. And, I was so excited when I saw the two bunnies in the fabric on the front.. Scallywag & Bumper will love that. It's a great design Bronwyn, and I'm happy to know it's one of your original designs.. And you were way too generous with all the extra bits of fabrics you included. I love them all. I'll be getting my camera out later today and will post some pictures onto my BLOG. Thanks so much, perhaps one day I'll see you at Amitie !!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your "Forest" miniature quilt is awesome! Love those cute little pins you purchased as well.

periwinkle said...

cute pins... I've got a " lots of ideas man" but he's not really hands on!
Lisa x