Monday, 12 May 2008

Guitar bag and blue shoes

A guitar bag for a guitar star!

Fabric from Amitie

I wanted to put this picture in because I didn't really get the 'This is the shoes I would sleep in if I could' thingy - I previously posted my sloppy slippers, BUT these really are the shoes - they look exceptionally good with dark blue jeans (which is kindof my staple) and red nail polish. Unfortunately, these are not my staple shoes, because my feet are getting old and achey!

But gee I love them!


periwinkle said...

Love the guitars.. I just can't get away with heels, I look like a wobbly chicken if I try to walk in them chuckle
Lisa x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The Guitar bag looks fun for a budding musician! Those shoes are divine - wish my foot wasn't so wide - I always have trouble finding nice shoes that fit.

Gina said...

The guitar bag is gorgeous...we have violin & recorder players at our place :O)
Your shoes are lovely.. wish I could ear heels haven't worn any since my wedding back in '93! Just comfy flats for me, I'm over 6ft in heels and hate being that tall!
Happy Mother's Day for yesterday.

Norma said...

I keep telling my daughter that some day she will be sorry for the shoes that she is wearing now. They are mostly a sole and a strap with a high heel. She tells me the same thing, "I love them!" Some things are just worth a few aches and pains, I guess.

I can just see these with red toenails!

Jodie said...

I'm with you on the achey old feet- I can't remember the last heels I wore, and after the whole "foot" incident" i am starting to look at those comfy nanna shoes in a whole new light.