Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Great ideas for quilts

I just found Terry Chilko, somehow through someone's flicker page; her website is sooooo good!

Easy peasy hanging corners for a wall quilt - whowouldvethought?

Then looking through said site, found this stunner for instructions of postcard quilts!

This part of the instructions had me re-read it several times:

You can find Peltex (or Timtex, pretty much the same thing) in the section of a fabric store where they sell interfacing and fusible web. It's thicker than normal interfacing and has a lot of body. It kind of looks like thin quilt batting with a stiffy.

Just what a girl needs!

Edit: I just received the most lovely email from Norma of Random Stitches, thanking me for my giveaway. I think I am as shocked as she was that she got it so quick! (Aust Post says pay $x for 3 months wait on sea mail, or for a little bit more, 3 days by air!!) My great pleasure Norma, and truly it was - in giving, you receive so much more. I am so happy you like it!


Cosy said...

Hi Bronwyn

You commented on my blog (thanks for visiting!) asking about tracking visitors etc.

I've left a comment on my blog how I do it... but have a look at Google Analytics.

Good luck!


Norma said...

Any suggestions what I could do with this great piece of chenille, other than take a nap with it? Everyone keeps asking what I am going to do with it........and I don't even want to cut it!