Sunday, 4 May 2008

A post of yellow....

I have been a bit 'blank' with my blog at the moment; do I post I write about that too mundane, boring......what do I do I care?

I have decided that yes, I do care. I do care about my little blog, for my 'little whippy' blog - so many others do care for their blog everyday, so I shall take some inspiration from them and try to use ideas to keep 'her' alive!!! Challenges, memes, swaps, I shall try them all!!!!!!!

So, it shall start today with Cottage Magpies' colour challenge - YELLOW

A bit of hoopy decoration for the wall - I really love this print - an old Amy Butler (Gypsy Caravan?) - looks a bit limey there, but it is really a delicious lemon colour, not quite ready to be picked from the tree! The bird is so gorgeous, I want to make a quilt centered around it.

Yellow bananas and yellow quinces in their yellow Robert Gordon collander - the colours look so right next to our kitchen windows!

Daughter No. 1' s bedroom curtains - gorgeous sheer curtains I bought in New York -strange thing to bring back from one and only trip to NY, but I think these are my favourite curtains in the whole house!! The birds are super sweet tweet!

Hand-picked fabric from stash for hoop decoration for D1 - this is so her!

Glaringly bright gazinia - not my favourite of flowers, but hey, it's growing, and I like a bit of 'glare' every now and again.


Tamara said...

Oh Bron, Iknow just how you feel. I haven't posted for a very long time.
Hey, I need to ask you some questions about those little creatures you made for your school fete. I can't seem to find you email address anywhere. Can you give me your details please.


Gina said...

Glad you're sticking with it :O)
I've enjoyed your yellowy pics! Beautiful fabrics and striking flower..I have a huge bag of quinces here but keep putting it off, not looking forward to the peeling - such a hard fruit!!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

When I saw tha name of your blog, I just HAD to check it out! Love it!