Thursday, 29 May 2008

Beautiful Mini on Wall...who is the fairest...

OH My Goodness! Lookey here at the most gorgeous pressie I got in the mail! My Miniature Booty Swap Quilt by Lynda of Bettsylyn - absolutely sweet!
Lynda wrote me a lovely letter, telling me a bit about herself, and her 'journey' of joy and frustration in choosing and making this quilt - Lynda - I fully understand!

Using the most delicious Kaffe pinks, greys, lavenders in a 'braid' pattern - (of which I have Always Loved) and then hand-quilted with teeny tiney stitches, on the wall it shall go!

I would just like to add in this next paragraph for Lynda herself, because she is having computer troubles, and may not be able to read comments left on her blog, so, Lynda, if this is you reading it for the second time, apologies, but if not - a sincere thanks is in order!

Hi Lynda! I just received your Mini Booty Swap quilt and.....I am still tingling about it! It is absolutely perfect - the colours, the pattern (I love 'braid'), the tiny quilting stitches! When I opened the packet I yelled 'Beautiful!' (not to anyone in particular, just because!)and got goosebumps all over. It truly is the most wonderful present - thank you so much. The extras are a gorgeous addition to my stash. Again, thanks so much for all the effort and thought that went into this project - making things for others does take up a lot of 'brainspace', but I hope you are as pleased with your work as I am. I laughed and laughed at your son's naming of the quilt 'Tom' (where did that come from?), and I'm not sure I can call it anything else now. I hope your computer gets better soon, so we can all see more of your great sewing. Keep in touch!

I would just like to also say thank you to Toni of The Quilting Pirate, who was the hostess for this swap - I am quietly pleased that my swap partner was a local to me and a good blogger (I have sad issues with swap partners who don't exist), and Toni has been very considerate with us swappers, asking questions, offering lots of advice and encouragement.

Lynda wrote that she 'stalked' me during this process! I too stalked my swappee, which by the way, was the lovely Serena of 'reenie-su', who, I believe, loved my quilt that she received. Stoopid me didn't even realise that the chocolate bunny fabric I used was oh so perfect for her, seeing as she has two bunnies herself.

Simon - aka Bloke wrote to me saying he has a blog now! Yay! - Simon, could you please make your blog profile open to public - It won't let me in to see your blog. I think you need to go to Profile, Edit, tick Share Profile (if you want to).


Gina said...

Wow, this is so beautiful! :O)

Jodie said...

Bron , you must love it - all those sweet fabrics !!! It is gorgeous

Simon - aka Bloke said...


That is indeed strange - all the settings that I could see seam to make it open - I have however followed your suggestion - let me know if you can see the blog :)

bettsy said...

I am so glad you like it.While it did provide me with challenges I am very happy with the result. As far as the name Tom goes - it just seems to be the name he wants to call everything at the moment. Before that it was Sam... take your pick.
I love the quilt you did for Serena too. And I don't know if you know yet but she was the maker of my quilt, which I still need to blog about. I don't have your email address so can only contact you this way,but if you like you can email me through my blog profile page.

Serena said...

Yay, we're the round robin group of Aussie Booty Swappers.