Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Modern Quilt

Am loving this sweet book at the moment - really love the front cover quilt of sea blues and grass greens

Have a look at Google Books for closer view of first few pages - great for a teaser!

I particularly like their 'Once Upon a Time' quilt - an 'I Spy' with connectors, so that a new story can be told every night! I am so doing that, probably into a mini quilt or the like - hey, I love stories no matter what and where they come from, and what is not to like about stories threaded into a quilt!

In the section called 'We're Often Asked' Weeks (great name!) and Bill discuss questions such as

'Why does that circle go off the edge of the quilt?'

Well - the answer is fascinating and one which hubbie and I post pondered off to sleep last night!

'(The concept is) called 'engaging the edge' (which) suggests that the interesting elements extend beyond what the viewer can see. Engaging the edge creates images that often are more dynamic than those in which everything is crowded into the center.' p.13.

I love a dynamic piece of art!


Jodie said...

Looks great - I love the idea of things going off the edge - I might have to get this one!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Like the concept of "engaging the edge!" Will have to see if the library has this book. Thanks for the review.

Simon said...


Where did you find this book - tell me that it is at Amitie... as I am planning a visit to sort out the latest hexagon issue I have (do I have enough fabric for the common path)...