Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Quick tute and cups

I've been looking at my Kaffe quilt on the floor of my bedroom for some time now - Hubbie is very gracious and does not say a thing about it - though when I finally started to put the thing together, the smile on his face said it all!

I thought I would attempt a smallish tutorial on how I go about putting something like this together; ie lots of squares need to be sewn in a particular order, so that the overall pattern remains 'sporadic' and well mixed and not two colours/patterns ending up together!

Firstly: have pins with coloured heads.

Work from left to right in rows.

Start with far left block and add ONE pin into the block; this is No. 1 , okay?

Fold No. 1 block over onto the next block to its right (right sides facing) and place a pin perpendicular to the seam which will be sewn. Put this pair aside. ( I have purposefully misaligned the two seams so that you can see two different blocks right sides together)

Go to next block in row and pin TWO pins on it. Repeat right sides facing, pin seam, put aside.

Keep going depending on how many blocks you have in your row.

I have an odd number in my row, so the little one on the end doesn't get a Numbering pin, only a side seam pin, so that you know which side to sew. This I place on the bottom of the pile of blocks.

Keep the Numbering Pins vertical so that you know which way is up and place the blocks on top of each other to take to the machine. Keep these pins in as you sew the correct seams together, as you will need to know which subsequent seams to do next. Pair No. 1 to Pair No. 2 etc.

Gorgeous set of 4 cups and saucers from MS Shop in Glen Waverley for $5. Classically retro and in perfect nick. Crown Lynn from New Zealand - anyone heard of it?


Little Miss Flossy said...

Search Crown Lynn on trademe.co.nz and see how many hits you get! Hugely collectable these days, especially now that it's not made in NZ anymore.

bettsy said...

I bought a Crown Lynn dinner set in about 1976 from Myer. I think the cups and saucers were the same shape as yours but white saucers and plain brown cups. The plates were white with a fine brown flower pattern. I loved it! I just looked in the cupboard but I only have the dessert plates left. They are plain white but the pattern on the back says forma. I love all your Kaffe Fassetts - who knew that I would start noticing these things?

Louise said...

Gorgeous cups and saucers - I'm very jealous!

Serena said...

Wow, that's a great find. Those cups are gorgeous.