Monday, 16 June 2008

Can't get a more beautiful day

10 mins before I pick up the girls and the glorious winter sunshine beckons me out - perfect for posting some shots!

Mexican Sage and the blue blue sky (oh, and our fairy house)

Our wonderful Agonis which is the highlight of our backyard and around which we built the second storey of our house (hee hee you can see my rack of washing drying in the doorway trying to catch the mild breeze- this is from last night - 5 degrees overnight was not going to dry them on the line)

Last of the plectranthus

Our Lollipop Calistomen in bud - the fuzzy buds are almost as interesting as the flowerA true Geranium - the colour is glorious!

I call this the Stinky plant - fantastic succulenty thing - would survive a nuclear bomb - but boy, does it stink!

Some Liberty cord I got on ebay a while back - I often stare at the pattern - it has to go up on the wall!

3 plus yards of the most delicious bit of barkcloth 'Cowgirls' by Moda I have been holding onto - I love the richness of the blue and the laughter of the girls and the texture of the barkcloth - I want to make it into a couple of floor cushions for the loungeroom - thick, comfy with maybe a button or two - does anyone know of a pattern for a 'box' cushion maybe with zip?


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Lucky you! It rained most of the day here! Love your cowgirl barkcloth - it will make great cushions.

Sharon (handmaiden) said...

what a beautiful melbourne winter's day to beable to take those shots..I am dealing with heat and humidity in singapore

Tamara said...

It was a beautiful day. I spent most of it driving around. Around your neighbourhood actually. I was at Cabrini with Edward and I thought of you as we drove through your suburb. It would have been nice to stop for a chat.