Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sharp things

My first go at LMPQG pincushion: despite my little tantie about dodgy instructions, I just said: stuff it, stop wingeing and just do it! So, turns out......um...not so good that I could give it away, but....I really am loving having a pincushion (for the very first time!) How did I live without one?

I am into the Doll Quilt Swap 4 and starting to hunt through fabric and ideas - must. use. stash.
I 'Whipped' up this sample block from Modern Quilts - but it is way too big for a doll quilt size - reducing the pieces may be an option - but I am so bad at maths, and the pieces are like: 3.3/4 inch by 6.5 inch etc - halving? I don't think so! It was kind of a fun exercise though.

A simple dress (from local op-shop - always score something good there, and if not, there is always tomorrow) of which I will turn it and then myself into a vampiry gothic seductress, or something of that nature (or un-natured!) - stay tuned!


Tamara said...

Nice dress, you really need to give me the name of that op-shop. You pick up some beauties.

Though I cannot complain because I have done quite well lately.

BigCat said...

The pincushion looks great. I am lucky to have inherited my gran's. You are right - they are a most useful piece of equipment.

Simon - aka Bloke said...

I think we are too hard on ourselves.. I am to say the least.. have a few more pics of my work up now..

AKA - Bloke