Sunday, 15 June 2008

Not so many ruffles

Having a browse through cyberland, I came across pictures of a Quilt Show in US, namely Free Spirit Designers' booths; one caught my eye because of a piece of furniture; namely the ruffled cushion seat in Tina Givens' stall. I also like her new range called Chloe's Imagination

This has given me a little bit of oil for the brain as to making something for the end of my bed; we have a large space between the bed and the opposite wall (aprox. 3 metres) and it has always bugged me that it needs to be filled. I don't want a hard blanket box as such; more like something to sit on to put on your shoes. Maybe with not so many ruffles, but the idea is juicy!

My grandmother's dresser takes pride of place on the left and my lovely turned-leg vanity basin in the distance.

Pip on my leg almost falling asleep, like a living hot water bottle; dang I have to move now!

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