Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I have just found what my heart desires: the most spectacular scrap sampler quilt made by qusic on flickr; Kaffe, Martha Negley, Philip Jacobs and more blend beautifully into a colourist's heaven. Everyone must have a look at the set of photos for this stunner.

The pattern is from a German blog called Forum Farbstoff. It is written in German but all we need to do is go to Google home page, click on Language Tools and then type in the url into the correct space, click German to English and Hier Ist Es!

The translation is a little strange though; one example is:

If I should have missed time in one of my Teilnaehanleitungen, please be easy to conclude offset by a 5 x 5 cm piece hinzufuegt or weglaesst. Ich denke, ihr seid alle sehr clever und kriegt das dann hin. I think all of you are very clever and then get out.

Blogger is being weird so I will 'get out' now -

just one more quilt to swirl around in my head.

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Claire - Matching Pegs said...

This is a beautiful quilt Bronwyn, thanks for showing it to us.

I'm not sure about the german translations ?! We could have competitions to guess what the writer was trying to say.

The pictures speak a thousand words anyway, just lovely.