Thursday, 5 June 2008

Last minute errata?

I know I haven't cleaned up around here, but we chat despite the 'fresh paint fumes' and 'rubble' can't we - I have a problem which maybe my bloggy friends can help me with -

I bought this book recently (I know, I'm , like , the last crafter on Earth to find it!) and attempting my first project - the ubiquitous pincushion - it doesn't work! The template's different to the sample photo (only saw that once I made the darn thing). Then Step 6 is so not clear. I'm feeling foggy and a bit bummed.

Can't find anything on errata info regarding the book - has anyone tried it?

This last minute business is running overtime!


Simon - aka Bloke said...

Hmmm, no ideas but they are sure cute little cushions... Last minute business is something that I can understand - I have a Quilt double bed size that is only just over half quilted that is required by the 17th of this month for a birthday... kinda hard as Leigh is watching it come together :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Heres a link to the flickr photo pool for things made from that book. Lots of pincushions there. You might be able to contact some of the contributors for advice.

Cheers Donna