Thursday, 12 June 2008

Op-shopping - what.......again?

I just can't help myself - the doors were open, I had time to spare, just a look???

Okay, I came out with:

Bread and Butter plates - sweet as

A Rennie Mackintosh design bone china mug in matching box

V. Vintage suitcase - always resisted these, but not today - I love the inside pattern and the logo - shall be useful, I promise, hubbie.

Pretty sheet...for....I don't I have to have a reason?

A little bit more sewing done - of course, on another new project, can't finish one without starting one more to add to list of UFO's

Pippi luurrved the smell of the this a good thing?

1 comment:

Claire-Matching Pegs said...

Beautiful Crockery!