Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Another William Morris and some saucy lingerie!

Just arrived in the letterbox - from ebay - 1 yard of 'Morris Damask' by Perfect Occassion (England), though came from US. The colours are not so pinkish, as in the photo, and perhaps not a true Morris pattern, but will still go well with my other Morris' for the hatbox UFO or should I say NSO (not started object). Though many would argue that fabric selection is an essential part of the project, and so it doesn't matter how long it takes before the actual sewing begins.

Some inbetween sewing (below) was for amitie MS quilt - what a fabulous idea - donated blocks of red, black and white, to be sew up for a quilt to be auctioned on ebay. I hunted for these colours - not hopeful as I have never sewn with them, but lo and behold, some saucy lingerie and cutie puppies appeared. I felt really pleased with myself that the points actually met!!! Thank goodness I didn't embaress myself with bad sewing (I think - maybe others would have a differing opinion) I ventured down to Bentleigh (Melbourne) to visit the shop - lovely - open, bright, interesting materials and quilts. I looked around for some more toile for my hatboxes, and would you believe it - the kind lady said that she had a quilt of that design and brough it out to show me. It was huge (by my standards) and fantastic to see in the flesh, the attic window design and hatbox applique (even the little red stitches).

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