Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Love these sites!

Doing more blog searching and doodling, just so I don't start my study (Library Technician), which really I should do, but I'm doing this instead! Found this blog Best of Etsy who writes up her own favs. I love the cardstock and the pincushions and the pencil art and the brooch/earings. Wow! So many things I would love to buy. Handmade things are so interesting/unique/madewithcare/personal etc etc - maybe that's why I love looking through my extensive list of crafty blogs, to see who made what next. I know I only have a few listed on my site - but I will list more!

Softies Central
Softies do it for me - they make my heart melt - I love cute ones, ugly ones, and all in between!

Monday Blog Treat - ACE!

Working more on my Cookies quilt - called that 'cause the fabric is from 'Cookies and me' by My Sister and Me. I'm up to machine quilting it - simple in the ditch and diagonal lines, but they were starting to buckle and looked crap - lots of unpicking and redoing - I don't enjoy this part of the process - it will never look as professional as the professionals - (who'd think!) - but this quilt is for my girls' school fair craft stall - enough money has been spent on the material/batting etc, that $100 more for quilting is out of the question. I just want it to look good - not perfect - perfection is not my goal, but Not Crap! (Excuse my french, if that offends!) I've got 'til March 18 to do this quilt and to baste, quilt, bind a 'Funky Monkey' quilt, multiple aprons made from cotton drill, and other little bits and pieces - all by March 18 Arrrrrrrrrhhrrrh! Don't panic - I'll do it!

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Elly said...

Hi Bron!

Was just browsing through your blog and found you have the same problem with machine quilting as I do!

I have decided to give up on machine quilting on my domestic machine...it always turns out looking horrible (user error, not the machine or technique's fault!) and the time and stress I waste on it is not worth it (at least for me!).

If I'm running short on time/funds, it is great to "casually" hand quilt a piece...about 5-6 stitches to the inch, using double embroidery cotton (i.e. two strands). It looks good, and is really quite easy so very little unpicking!

Great to read your blog...I'll be checking again for more posts.