Thursday, 15 February 2007

Little things....Quality Time....

A dark picture it looks but this is our masterpiece hanging over our mantlepiece - actually its 'Bohemian' by Anna Maria Horner, stapled over inexpensive canvases ($50 instead of $$$$ investment in unknown artist - that may come later - but I like this effect - the colours are unusual for me - not a red lover, but that may be changing in my old age - never say never. The tones go really well with my neutralish couches and walls. There's little whippet again.
'Quality Time' - illustration by (I think) Anita Jeram. It often reminds me as a parent - to have fun with my kids, no matter how silly I look!
Little corner I like - in my dining room - embroidered lampshade (Ikea) and a little piccie I framed - 'Quality Time' - and a 'throw away' lamp table (a bit crooked, but it has charm).
My dining room colour is really interesting to me - it faces west, but with inside and outside blind for heat reduction - but the colour changes constantly depending on time of day and reflection of other things - sometimes it is a strikingly strong blue and other times it softens to a romantic deep lavender - actually sometimes I don't like it at all, but I just have to wait an hour and the colour has changed again! Who could invent everchanging paint colour?? It faces my open kitchen, which of course, I never seem to leave, but at quite a distance, which gives me 'room' to appreciate or look away. I love my 'old gold' curtains also - told the curtain lady 'I don't have a budget', and then proceeded to spend far too much on drapes of fabric, which I am too embarressed to reveal to anyone, but gorgeous self-print, heavy and thick and lux, and a self-stripe textual roman blind ('I'll never have stripes!' I had said). Should last forever!!
Little sweetie whippet - present for hubbie for Christmas last. Very elegant and a lovely patina.

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Di said...

Lovely photos...lovely home. I love the Anna Maria Artwork on the walls - looks fantastic.