Friday, 9 February 2007

Do you have fairies in your garden? We do!

We do! We really do! They even write letters to us. One fairy is called Felicity and has a younger sister Joy. At the moment it is too hot for the fairies, and they have gone up to the mountains. When it cools down, they said that they would be back. I don't blame them - we can hardly water the plants, let alone the grass (drought conditions) though our washing machine water gets pumped onto the back lawn Well done Hubbie!!! Anyway, I digress. Fairies - as a tribute to our own fairies, I spied some really lovely material with Cecily Mary Barker drawings (famous English fairy flower artist), on ebay. I was hooked. Sourcing sweetpea material from England sealed the deal and Fairies in the Garden was born - my own design - simple and sweet.

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Melly said...

This is really pretty! Lovely design and fabrics - what a great quilt! Thanks for coming and leaving your first comment on our blog! And yes I think being creative makes us want to share what we create - we LOVE giving stuff!