Monday, 26 February 2007

A shopping we all go...

Mum and I went to the Australian Quilt Convention on Friday - shoulder to shoulder shopping, with just a little bit of 'quilters rage'(by someone else!) Got some goodies to share...

Mum's first quilt fabric - I love it when Mum surprises me by choosing Kaffe Fassett material, in a multitude of colours and patterns. I stopped by a stall that had Heather Bailey's Freshcut - yummo! I couldn't resist the rasberry flavoured piece - I 've had my eye on that for quite a while - Mum also chose the very pretty pink dotted rose one in the corner - it goes beautifully! Saw fantastic quilts and it was a great opportunity for me to get an idea of what my Mum likes in styles, pattern and the like. She spotted a bright number on display which had a Log cabin-sort-of pattern - I could do that (even though I have never tried a log-cabin - what! you say)
Next! Very Cute buttons for my 'Fairies in the Window' quilt ('Rebekah Amy' pattern by Rosalie Quinlan), with an extra border and applique. Friend Keeley suggested a honeybee block in the middle and voila - looks great. I've been looking high and low for bee buttons to finish it off - but so many bees look scary! Too bright, too stingy looking, but these are Very Cute. I also love the cross looking ladybugs "Why are you so cross?" The worms make me wriggle! Problem with bees is there are only four in packet and there are four honeybee corner. Should I use one in the middle or one in each corner, or 3 in the middle?

I love these material combinations - fairies, sweetpeas (need to smell them desperately! Must plant some in spring!!!) marbling, many others. (Cheated on the heart appliques - got them already cut from ebay - too easy and 99% of them blended magnificantly) Had large stippling quilted all over from my quilt lady Laurene.
A little tool to help my daughter with her yo-yos - just push the needle through the holes of the wheels (after following the proper steps first of course) to sew evenly around. I thought yo-yos couldn't get any easier than the normal way - but this will be great for children and others with hand difficulties.

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