Friday, 16 February 2007


Some flower yo-yos I made to decorate a couple of baskets pairs I picked up for next to nothing - they are plastic lined (perhaps for a pot plant, as they were in a nursery, but I think that's a dumb idea) I would rather use them as stationery containers or something like that) Any ideas?
These are the first yo-yos I have ever made - I was pretty proud, so was hubbie! Not entirely sure I like the yellow ones on the pink, but the material was a little scrap of uber cute strawberries, just the colour of the container, though once scrunched up, hard to see.
There is a great tutorial for heart shaped yo-yos see: Penny

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sunshine said...

er is a group on flickr all about yo-yos would love to have you join the group here is the link.
take care