Thursday, 23 October 2008

Countdown to my 200th Post!

I was given this lovely award from Claire at Matching Pegs - My First Award! Claire has a lovely blog about her sewing projects and her gorgeous kids and she's a Melbournian!  I love her banner - that lined pegbox is to die for!  I can't say having to match my pegs on the clothes line is something that I strive to do, but if Claire hadn't given this award to me, I would be giving it to her!

The "Proximidade" or "Friendship around the World" award is for blogs that are special in some way and extend the hand of friendship around the world.  All I have to do is pass this on to eight of my favourite blogs, and ask that they do the same. I've picked eight (minus two, just because I am lazy) random blogs from my long long list of blogs I read 
So, I am passing this on to:-

(who has just had a beautiful bubbie)

(organised a vintage sheet swap - goodonya!)

(cheeky and chirpy)

(has some stunning photos of her fabulous sewing)

(Sunday Stash organiser and alround great gal)

(a great read - witty and not too potty)

Thanks everyone for being interesting and fun to read - and for keeping me at this puta for far too long - I actually get neckache from using the mouse for too long - 

this blogging is killing me slowly! Hehe.

That will do today!

Oops Forgot - did I mention a giveaway?
My 200th postday is not far away, in fact I'm up to 192 I think - pressie time!

I love giving pressies!!


willywagtail said...

Thanks for all those great links and congratulations to you. Cherrie

Tamara said...

Thanks for the lovely award Bronwyn...will definitely play along, thats just made my day:)

trashalou said...

ooo! Thank you very much Missus! I shall run away with my award and keep it safe. I shall take it out of the box occasionally and polish and then put it back where nasty eyes can't get it.

Or not!