Friday, 24 October 2008

DQS Fabric Tease

This is a little sample of my chosen ones for DQS5 - any doll quilt sleuths out there take a guess at who it is for?

My hand-quilting class was really nice! Large group of women all chatty and serious about our obsessions/hobbies listened to Jennie discuss her likes and dislikes re quilting. She was very easy to listen to; very approachable and didn't seem to mind the many questions (particularly from me!) The other women at the table seemed to have done hand-quilting before! They were so good! I need lots of practice and my doll quilt is perfect for that - sorry recipient!

I liked Jennie's laidback style of teaching and she was generous to emphasise that people could go to any quilt shop to get supplies (even though we were sitting in hers!), that we could do many styles of technique (not just the one she uses) and that what worked for us, was the right way! We got to practice on different squares of quilting with different batting as well as a quilting hoop - most if not all disliked the hoop but I found it stabilised the piece for me, which I liked.

This is yet to be proved.

I also particularly liked the HUGE range of Perle thread in different thread thicknesses - other shops have an 'inth' of Amitie's range - there were probably one hundred shades - dis is gude!

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