Friday, 3 October 2008

Showing my stash

Trying to get back into the swing of things - bloggy wise - and join in with the numerous 'show and tell's happening around the traps, so,

This one was not easy to start - I looked at my groaning tubs of fabric and thought - but you guys have seen it all - I am a bit of a trend-junkie when it comes to the newest wave of beautiful quilt fabrics - but I do have some faves!

Laurel Burch fabrics are ones that I will probably never use - just keep and keep and keep and keep.  Why? I think they are unique and the style, colour, and whimsical nature could only be her. Now that she is gone - I feel that they are kind of historical - and so here are just a few of my collection.

   Acch! I can't move this photo to the right spot -
 so here is D1 loving her Mythical Horses Quilt (see below for explanation!)

Mythical Horses' is one of my daughter's favourites - have a look at her quilt (way above!) - I have just realised I haven't got a finished photo of it - off I trot!

Our beautiful Spring Cymbidian Orchid blooms - we inherited these with the house when we bought it - and they have never let us down - these and the front gate where probably the clincher for me when we were first looking through the inspection when it was for sale - OMG the house was a mess - I should hunt out some old photos to show 'then' and 'now'.  

The favourite part of the house (neighbours tell us, as they sneaky peaked through during inspection times) was the bathroom - literally 2 metres wide and about 10 meters long with BLACK shag pile carpet on the floor and UP THE BATH and a BLACK ceiling!  HMMM scrumptious!

  This one is a Dendrobian orchid - Aussie native - a surprise present from a client when I was a receptionist in Sydney - eons ago!
A little self-sown pansy - don't you love it when they do their own thing!

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handmaiden said...

wow, u have some amazing stuff, I can see why u dont want to cut into.