Monday, 20 October 2008

Hand quilting class here I come

I have booked myself in to Amitie's Hand Quilting class - I want to learn how to do that lovely Perle Thread Quilting - Material Obsession gals do it all the time (see below) - and I love the idea.

Probably too that I really and truly don't like machine quilting -that oh so permanent stitch on my hard-worked pieces; the arm and hand ache as I haul the quilt to and fro; the fear of puckering! I think I kinda just like making the tops and then I like do the binding bit - the bit inbetween is kind a hassle to me, big sigh.

I'm going This Thursday 7.30pm - anyone want to join me?


Louise said...

I hope you enjoy hand quilting - I love it! And it is soooo easy with the Perle 8 thread and gives a really great look to your quilts. It's basically all we ever use at Amitie and you are in really good hands in Jenny's class and will learn lots of stuff about batting and things. Enjoy!!

domoshar said...

Hand quilting is great experience. I wish I could join a class like this. I hand quilt very rarely /though I am at the moment/. I like it more than machine quilting but like the puckering on the machine quilting too. It would take me ages to achieve similar result by hand.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I really wish I was doing a class. I have been wanting to learn how to hand quilt for ages. The local patchwork shop over here just closed down.

Also Bronwyn, I just nominated you for an award. Have a look at my blog to find out more :-)

handmaiden said...

I did this class when I was here last. I am a hand quilter and was expecting to learn some new stuff (as I am self taught)....didn't realise I knew most of it. I ammgoing to hand quilt my King diamond quilt...a very large project

Anonymous said...

I was SO tempted to join you this evening! Planets haven't aligned though. Have a great night and I look forward to hearing all about it!