Saturday, 11 October 2008

New and old swaps

Vintage Sheet Swap goodies arrived and these are my favourites - plenty of brights to make a easy throw rug for down at the beach - I love the idea of the 'rock pockets' to hold it down - being mainly polycotton - it won't crinkle like a cotton one - and make me feel guilty for not ironing it - which of course I don't do when on holidays!

Thanks to Anne for being our Swap Mama! Great job!

Our furry friend has gone back home - Gemma was a delight; hard-work I must say but the 5 weeks we had her went quick!

As a thankyou (and to make sure we handed her back, I think)- her parents gave us some very gorgeous delf plaques for the wall - I told them I didn't like blue (tongue firmly planted in cheek!) - No - I have always love delfware and even the packaging is something special (far left) - please ignore 'sunspot' on tile - just the camera getting its own way.

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