Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Read the ......manual!

Inspired by this by Oh Fransson I want one too!  Using some of the vintage sheet stash, I have started my own ziggy-zaggy quilt.  I sort-of just started without any planning and so I have this row which won't be able to be blended into another zig-zag, because I used up all of these fabrics!

Dash it all!

I do love purple and green though, so I will probably put in at the end or something, somehow.

Another sneaky peak of my DQS5  - oh, boy, this is certainly a work-in-progress!  Again, i sortov followed a pattern - but it didn't work ie it made it far too big for a Doll quilt, and I thought I was being so clever and just wing it! good! and change again - and that's okay!

This is post 198 - next post I will show you some goodies JUST FOR YOU!


domoshar said...

They both look nice, Bronwyn!
You will find a good place for the first for sure and may be second could be a doll quilt anyway, or a Christmas present...

Katrina said...

I love your zig zaggy sheet quilt, what a great pattern! (I also love the name of your blog, you shall have me singing Devo all day and thinking of red flower pot hats!)