Friday, 3 October 2008

Stash Show No. 2

Ooh I'm on a roll! -Just trying to catch up with everyone else (actually trying to avoid going downstairs to start breakfast and then vacumming momentous amount of animal fur)

Others show one or two pieces of stash - I'm greedy (or a showoff, you pick) so I'll give you a few

Probably, most likely, I think it is true - my truly duly cross my fingers and hope to die if I tell a lie Most Favourite Piece Of Fabric I Own is.......

this one - one of my first purchases when I started to sew quilts and I cherish it!  I love the pattern - like those marbled papers; I love the colours, there are so many tiny fragments of my favourite colours ( raspberries, aqua, creams, golds) that it goes with EVERYTHING!  So I use it sparingly because I know I will use it with just about anything and one day, sob, it will be gone.  

The next two I also have had for a long time - Cecily Mary Barker's Fairies  - have lots of stash of them and a very sweet flower fabric which I just adore - again goes with everything!

 (I can't seem to cut this photo out of the post - so here it is for you once more) Not throwing any love  at  Google Chrome at the moment!
These and others are in my 'Fairies in the window' quilt (scroll down a little)

and also in my 'Fairies in my garden' quilt (click on the photos for a better view)

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