Friday, 3 October 2008

This is....

Thanks to Sharon - Handmaiden, this favourite kitchen tool

My Reamer - birthday pressie from Hubbie- he wasn't too sure if it was a good present but I just love it - love the wooden feel - love the sharpish edges and the curvy sides - love what it does to the many citrus we eat at the moment - grapefruit, meyer lemons (so sweet for a lemon and oh so pretty), tangelos, mandarins, navel oranges, limes.

Please excuse the pulp - just made a sweet lemon drink for breakie!


handmaiden said...

Oh yes,
I have one too..........I am too lazy to pull out the electric one and get it dirty for one citrus. I use it everyday as we are always having a refreshing lime and soda to drink.

Tamara said...

Great to see you joined the 'sunday stash'...looking forward to seeing your goodies....thanks so much for pointing out the html code glitch...all fixed now;)